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Sharifa Stirgus

The Awakening

Thine Will Be Done


Sharifa leads TLC Anthology Project having written her own 30-day journal and contributing author to one anthology. She presents two chapters sharing her battle with perfectionism, learning about co-dependency and how to submit to God's will for her life. 

If you've ever struggled with people pleasing and perfectionism, these chapters are especially for you. 

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Sharifa's Bio

Sharifa Stirgus is a servant, devoted wife, prayer intercessor, proud mother of two whom she loves to spend time with.

A graduate of UA- Pulaski Technical College, she earned an Associates of Science and certificate of Pre-Health Care Studies. She is currently a Certified Phlebotomist of 22 years.

She is the author of Letters to God With Gratitude:31 Days of Giving Thanks Devotional Journal and co-author of the Anthology tilted, I Am Who God Says I Am: Living My Life on Purpose. She has obtained three Certificates of Completion for The Teacher I Want to Be, How to Study the Bible and How to Teach the Bible.

Sharifa is an influential woman of God, who strives to remain connected to the spirit of truth, and consistent and persistent in her faith.


She has a passion for the broken hearted and is a member of the Embrace Ministries Team, where she serves as a leader in the ministry of inspiring women. Sharifa is a woman of encouragement and service.


Sharifa can be contacted at

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